"He's dead Jim"

Reviving My Blog

It has been some time now that I have posted a blog post but here is why:

  1. I'm always afraid of the English majors out there that will rip apart my post with multiple comments about any grammatical or spelling errors (which I strongly believe will be there). Not to say that it happens all the time!
  2. I'm always afraid that my post is not "good enough" for the public. You may be wondering why good enough is in double quotes.. well that's because the statement "good enough" seems to be an extremely broad term now. Good enough could mean that I had a cute picture of a cat in my post so the cat lovers out there automatically fall in love with it. It also could be that I have a bunch of star wars references within my post and the star wars fans out there will like it a thousand times *que star wars theme music.* 
  3. Lastly I'm afraid that if I start a timeline of consecutive posts I either won't be able to keep up with my own pace, or I will keep up with my pace but I will just start flooding random words out for the sake of having a post on time.

All this to say that fear is what keeps me from posting on my blog..                                                               I believe it may be time for a change *que very inspirational song* 

"New Year New Me"

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