The Life Project

"What is it?"

Most people may have seen this video during the New Years Eve live broadcast from New York (hyperlink attached). Basically Google incorporated bunch of footage from throughout the year to make a recap of 2015. Why I'm telling you this is because this video is a perfect example of a year long project I am working on. For the next year I will be attempting to take my camera everywhere and get footage of something significant that I am doing. It could range from eating crêpes at hipster coffee shop to walking on a beach in California. 

"Why are you doing it?"

If you knew me well then you would know that if I am at some kind of touristy location like a famous waterfall or even a Christmas town, I am probably taking at least one unique to picture to capture my visit there. Although I may get a good picture I feel as if it may not be enough. And thus the "Life Project" was born. 

"I'm pretty sure it's been done already"

Probably! I'm not doing it to be unique or one of a kind. I'm simply doing to try and see if I can for the first time ever fully document my life throughout a year without any grey areas. If successfully do this project then I will have a year of my life physically in my hands for anyone to see. 

I would encourage you to try this project yourself! Simple HORIZONTAL iPhone will do the trick for capturing your life in a year. Who knows, this may be the best year of your life.

Here's the Google video if you have not seen it 

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