Outside of the mass communication I developed a few talents that I did not expect. Although the visuals aspect of graphic design is very much within the mass communication field, learning the art form and science behind it was something I acquired outside of the mass communication field. The science and art form of graphic design is just a sample of the competency I achieved outside of the mass communication field however. My artifacts below put into perspective of my education outside of the mass communication field


Within the mass communication field my talents are brought out more. Through years of visually trying to telling stories in multiple ways I have learned and grown to be able to produce what I envision better. Aside from visually telling stories I have grown my writing talents as they are very well needed in the mass communication field for multiple purposes. Classes such as Media Law and Media Ethics has developed my writing abilities not only in grammatical sense but also in a communication sense. The artifacts below reflect the compentency I have achieved in the working in the mass communication field.