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My life as a videographer started with the use of old school over the shoulder type cameras in high school. At first I just enjoyed being able to visually tell a story but through the years I started to realize that videography could be used for the church in ways I didn't think could be useful. The phrase above, "Capturing God's Work," is the exact overall title or heading of my ministry with videography. I want to use technology for God's kingdom and with videography I can visually show people what God is doing in the lives of many.

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Church Production

My life of church production began in high school when I started attending a local youth ministry. I started serving in their Tech Booth and after some time I started loving it and wanted to go bigger! Several years later I started going to New River Church down the street from my house and almost immediately I was brought into the volunteering team in their Tech Booth. Fast forward to present day and now I am the church's Worship Production Specialist. I lead a team of student volunteers every week in their youth ministry New River Students. I handle all of the technology in the Tech Booth every week and  I work real closely with the creative team of New River. 


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